Hi, I’m Michelle. Nice to meet you!

In High School, I was exposed to HTML when Angelfire websites were popular, following the blogging era with Xanga and Blogger. In college, I initially majored in Computer Science for one semester until I realized that learning Java put me to sleep, so I switched and graduated with a Business degree with a concentration in Finance.

I started my career at a fintech company for 4 years with a “work hard, play hard” team. As a Client Services Representative, I solved client issues everyday using my communication and analytical skills and continued learning by taking over 20+ internal certifications to become a Senior representative. I then developed empathy in my role as a Team Lead, where I loved mentoring others and leading my team to success. My career pivoted when I followed my heart and pursued my passion in photography. For 10 years and counting, I leveraged my passion and empathy to create experiences capturing all types of celebrations of LOVE and through self-motivation and grit, developed an eye for color harmony, composition, typography, and pixel-level perfection. At the same time, for the past 3 years, I worked in Product Development which taught me first-hand the importance of creating human-centric designs and products tailored to your users.

Now as a User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and Product Designer, I build intuitive digital web & mobile designs that make sense. I am passionate about tackling complex problems and transforming them into delightful experiences. I’m curious, have an innate love to help and connect with others, put others’ needs before mine, and have many goals and ideas that I want to execute in my lifetime. UX/UI + Product Design blends both my business and creative sides together to help discover, adapt, evolve, and level up!

My life goals include:
  • humanitarian & philanthropy work through design, photography, or any other medium I am capable of; and

  • impact our next female generation to become strong, confident, positive and influential women

When I’m not designing, I love:
  • ☕️ having a great conversation over a good coffee and/or espresso;

  • 🏋🏻‍♀️ fitness & health;

  • 📈💵fintech;

  • 🍣🍕foodie experiences;

  • 📷 photography (check out my photography site);

  • 🛍 retail therapy;

  • 🍷 wine; and

  • ☕️ coffee! (wait, did I already mention that?)

I’d love to connect with you!

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